Origins of Worship and Prayer:

  •  Explore how the exile of the Jews created the foundation for Christian (and Jewish) prayer and worship.
  • Extend the work I did in my last book on the Songs of Ascent.
  • Delve into the the early Christian tradition of embracing particular songs of sorrow as the foundation of  liturgical prayer.

Projects in Motion:

 Short Article Ideas:

  Shoot the Baby - gun and abortion advocates are similar in their zero tolerance for     compromise and in the highly-charged symbolism behind their cause. This ultimately works       against what they want.

  A Conversation with My Brother - a discussion with my brother who is an environmental consultant about global warming.

 It's Time - It is time for "Bible believers" and all Christian traditions that affirm the Bible as "sacred Scriptiure" to come to grips with the very nature of the book. It is time for Christians to embrace what archeologists and modern biblical scholars have discovered and understand about the Bible.

 Violence From Within: What I wish More People Understood About Rene Girard's Mimetic    Theory

 What Ancient Temples, Banks, Insurance Companies, and the NFL have in Common -This article explores a fundamental definition of socialism as shared risk, shared responsibility and share profit.

 If I Were to Get a Tattoo - The only permanent marking I would want on my body would be the words "belonging to Yahweh" in Hebrew.  This article is a personal reflection on the God of the Old Testament. It is a lament and a challenge to let the images of ancient Israel's god congeal with Jesus' view of God as Father. 

 The Nature of Religion:

  • Clarify the nature and function of religion using Ancient Near Eastern models.
  • Explore the anti-religious sentiment in the Bible.
  • Compare and contrast religious social structures of ancient times with those of today.

 God and Economics

The ideas are always churning!

  Bible 101

  • ​Provide educational videos or podcasts on the development of the Bible
  • Integrate traditional views of the the Bible as Scripture, with historical criticism, and archeological research. 
  • Explore how the Bible is a critical witness to how Tradition operates.