I concur with the practice of referring to the ancient Israelite scrolls as the Hebrew Scriptures rather than the "Old Testament," which too often carries a sense of that they are irrelevant or inferior.

An Introduction to the Songs of Ascents  (2013)

This is the first chapter of my latest book As Though We Were Dreaming: A Commentary on the Songs of Ascents for Lent.    Read Full Article

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Presented at the 2013 Colloquium of Violence and Religion Conference.

"Why do the wicked prosper? Why are the workers of treachery at ease?" Jeremiah implicates the Lord. "And why am I tormented?" The Lord's defense turns prosecution Israel's desire to imitate the "way of nations" rather than heed the covenant stipulations for justice and righteousness has caused both land and God to abandon "the field."   Read Full Article

They Who Control Reproduction Control Production: Or is it the Other Way Around? (2016)

Marriage and sex have always been about economic arrangements...In my recent studies, I have come across a couple of scholars providing fresh insights about economics from the Ancient Near Eastern world as it pertains to sex and reproduction.   Read Full Article

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Hebrew Bible

Tribing, Dis-tribing, Con-tribing and Re-tribing (2016)

But a funny thing happened on my way to exploring the definition of retribution. Its root is tribe.  Fundamentally, the consequence for disturbing the universal balance is to be “re-tribed,” i.e. to take back tribe. It is to lose tribal identification...Most important for this article and my continued study of the book of Job is clarifying where this powerful notion of retribution came from and how ingrained it is even in our modern times. Whether wittingly or not, we still think that people deserve their economic lots. We still believe the ruin of someone’s “house” is a recompense for playing with the system. We resign ourselves to “bust” cycles because boom-and-bust is just the way it is.  Read Full Article